Tony Garcia

I grew up in a home where we did things ourselves – fixed, built, rearranged, everything. My father is a welder and fabricator, and I spent much of my time growing up helping him with one project or another.

So when I got married and my wife and I bought our own house, I enjoyed getting to make improvements to my own place! In a single income home with two babies, my skills have been very valuable. Owning your own home means there is a constant list of things that need improved or fixed. If I hadn’t fixed it before, I would talk to others who had, or do research about it and figure it out.

Before I knew it, other people were requesting that I make or fix things for them too. This is how Garcia Grotto began! My continued mission is to help others improve or fix things in their own homes so that it can be exactly what they want. Let me help you create the home you envision!

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