Baby Proofing

We can help make your home safe for little ones.

Here is what is included in our Baby Proofing Package!

Outlet covers- for outlets with nothing is plugged in

Outlet covers- for outlets with items plugged in

Bathroom – toilet, cabinet, drawers

Kitchen – drawers, cabinets, under sink
Edge and corner padding
One quote for additional services OR installation of baby gates or other items you have purchased yourself

$350 Price Includes:

$40 minimum service fee

Up to 30 basic outlet covers, white or clear ($10 value)

Up to 2 outlet covers for plugs where items remain plugged in ($40 value)
Up to 12 clear corner covers ($12 value)
Up to 18 feet of edge covers, in black, brown, or white ($30 value)
Up to 20 hidden drawer safety latches, can use adhesive (no holes, but not as secure) or small screws. ($50 value)
Up to 4 cabinet locks for toilets, refrigerator, or cabinets ($15 value)
Up to 4 cabinet locks for small knobs/handles ($10 value)
Indoor door knob locks – for round or lever types ($15-$35 value)
2 hours of labor- even if it takes longer ($120 value)
All parts on hand, some with multiple options available, and with extra pieces available at additional cost upon request
$20 quote OR installation of baby gates you have already purchased

Ask about pricing for other specific items you would like installed!

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